Yoga Teachers Training Program

Hatha Yoga, one of the most well known form of traditional yoga. It gives physical rejuvenation, mentally sound and spiritually blissful. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, it will bring balance, strength, and a sense of well being.

In this training, you will get to learn the basic principle of yoga practice, body alignment (where to touch when you are correcting the student’s posture), Anatomy and Physiology of Yogasana, Yoga philosophy, Teaching methodology and how to control the students in the class. The course also includes Shatkarma, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation.

ya-badge-trainer-blue Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals

ya-badge-seniorteacher-blue Ningthoujam Robindro Singh is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The training modules are strictly in accordance with the Yoga Alliance U.K. 200 hour standard modules.

Course highlights:

  • 200 hour intensive training.
  • Yoga Alliance of UK accredited
  • Develop discipline and confidence with the course structure.
  • Get proper understanding of Yoga and it’s philosophy
  • Develop confidence in teaching
  • Learn to structure and modify a yoga class

Particularly beneficial for:

  • Beginners looking for foundation and knowledge of Yoga and meditation.
  • People who wish to become a yoga instructor
  • Advanced practitioner
  • Yoga teachers

What you will get:

  • Certification of completion of course from BayYoga
  • Certification from Yoga Alliance of U.K.

Course Outline

200hrs course works and Training Session

Module 1:

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Meaning and different definitions of Yoga
  • History of Yoga
  • Types of Yoga
  • Limbs of Yoga
  • Principles of Yoga Practices
  • Itroduction of Bandhas
  • Introduction of Chakras

Module 2:

  • Structure & function of Human Body
  • Effects of Yoga Practice on different systems

Module 3: Teaching Methods

  • Class Management
  • Lesson plans

Module 4: Practical Training

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Chanting
  • Meditations

Module 5: Final Assessment and issuance of Certification

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Instructor's Profile


NingthoujamRobindro Singh (ROBIN)

  • Certified International Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Senior Yoga Teacher from U.K. Yoga Alliance
  • Principal Yoga Teacher
  • Certified International Yoga Referee


  • Bronze Medalist on 4th Asian Yoga Sports Championship 2014 in Seoul Korea
  • 3 time Silver Medalist in National Yogasana Championship
  • Participated one time in Inter-University Yoga Competition
  • Paper presented in International Yoga Conference

Educational Qualification

  • Master in Physical Education (M.P.Ed.)
  • Diploma in Yoga Education (D.Y.Ed.)